Academic Year

During the academic year Upward Bound staff has a weekly presence in each high school served. Two meetings per month are held with each participant to discuss their academic progress, strategies for success, and plans for the future. Additionally, weekly tutoring sessions are facilitated by Cornell student tutors in each school. Once per month students attend a Saturday Academy at Cornell University and surrounding areas, geared to expose participants to a wide variety and diversity of fields.


Attending weekly tutoring sessions during the academic year is mandatory for each student. Once a week, sessions are held at each respective high school led by Upward Bound staff and Cornell University students. These small group tutoring sessions provide Upward Bound scholars the opportunity to complete homework, study for exams, prepare college applications, study for the SAT and engage with Cornell student mentors.

Upward Bound participants are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities in and out of school. Accommodations will be made to ensure no student is prevented from participating in school activities as a result of their participation in Upward Bound. For additional details, please see our tutoring policy.

Saturday Academy

Attendance at monthly Saturday Academy Workshops is required by all Upward Bound students. Programs are intentionally created to tap into various needs and interests of all Upward Bound scholars. Upward Bound staff works hard to plan Academy schedules in advance allowing students to plan for their attendance.

Additionally, please see our Saturday Academy Attendance Policy for further details on our expectations.

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