Pre-Orientation Service Trips (POST)

POST Dates: August 12-August 17, 2018.

Registration is now closed.

Program Details

Make some of your best memories of Cornell before you even move in.
Join POST for a service adventure you'll never forget! 

POST is a 5-day program that begins the Sunday prior to Friday move-in. For immediate information call (607) 255-9747.

POST provides the opportunity to build new friendships and college networks through community service projects and fun evening activities. POST participants are assigned to one of eight teams and each team has 8-9 POST participants in addition to their leaders.

POST participants will get to know the local community through daily trips to community service sites, as well as nightly excursions exploring Ithaca. Most of these trips will be on foot, but some will involve buses or vans. Bring comfortable shoes for walking!

POST is led by a group of sophomore, junior and senior leaders who all previously participated in POST and have had extensive training to guide POST participants throughout the week.  Last year's projects included: painting and light demolition work, trail maintenance, visiting with residents at area nursing homes, working in local community gardens and helping to prepare local schools for opening.


The cost to participate in POST is $335 per person. This fee covers all meals and snacks for 5 days, transportation, project and safety supplies, housing, scheduled evening activities, and staffing costs. We want you to attend, and for that reason, financial scholarships are available. For more information on financial assistance, please check the box indicating this on the Registration Form. Do not send money—all trip fees will be billed to your Cornell University bursar account. 

The POST program of the Cornell Public Service Center enables Cornell Tradition and Meinig Family Cornell National Scholar (MFCNS) from the  Cornell Commitment Office with the opportunity to begin earning service hours through participation POST.  In addition, the POST program fee will come directly out of your student service or leadership support account with the Commitment Office (effectively diminishing the amount of money you will have available for future experiences). This will be an accounting transaction between the two offices so you need not send any money.


POST will be housed off campus at a local middle school just minutes from the Cornell campus. You will have access to the gym, showers and kitchen facilities. Bring a sleeping bag - you'll be sleeping on mats and sharing living quarters with other POST participants and leaders.

POST participants are expected to stay with their group and program at all times. 

  • Because this week is a carefully planned experience, POST staff cannot accommodate individual requests for appointments, errands, or any non-scheduled or non-POST events.
  • If a participant has an obligation or needs to leave the program during the week, he or she may not return to the program.

What do you need to bring?

Be sure and review the What to Pack list for a detailed list of items needed for POST. If you have questions that are not answered on the website, please email them to

Check out last year's POST video!


Tompkins Weekly 2018 Highlight of POST program.







Parent Testimonials

"My daughter signed up for POST after hearing about it from a friend who did it the previous year. She participated in community service throughout high school, so POST seemed like a fun way to meet people before moving into the dorms. It turned out to be great - she met so many people, and is still very good friends with many of them. POST was a great introduction to the Ithaca community, and she still actively volunteers in Ithaca. I am so happy she was able to participate in POST!" -Parents of Serena

"During our visit for Cornell Days, my son and I heard about POST for the first time and he decided to sign up for it since he did a lot of service work back at home and wanted to continue this in Ithaca. POST made the transition from high school to college much easier, where in just 5 days, he had made friends in his college, major, and even in his same classes. The troubles of adjusting to a new environment quickly diminished and soon he was well acclimated to college life and living away from home. He loved POST so much that he returned as a team leader and still has some of his closest friends, including his roommates, at Cornell originating from this great program!" -Lucy Labib, mother of Daid Labib

"Miranda always felt like she would "belong" at Cornell, but when I dropped her off on the first day of POST, she was understandably nervous. Volunteering has always been an important part of her upbringing, so she was looking forward to spending a week working community projects, as a quite appropriate start to her life at Cornell. The student leaders made it very easy to check in and hit the ground running. Teams were made, and seeds of lifetime friendships planted. An amazing sense of partnership that gave my freshman girl the best route to find her own place and her own voice. Miranda always felt like she would belong at Cornell. After POST, she knew she did." -Yosmar Salazar Marquez, mother of Miranda Vinson