Translator Interpreter Program (TIP)

The Translator-Interpreter Program (TIP) of the Cornell Public Service Center trains bilingual and multilingual Cornell students to serve as volunteer translators/interpreters for community agencies in emergency and non-emergency situations. Certified by Cornell language faculty members, our TIP translators and interpreters have been serving over 300 community agencies in Tompkins County and surrounding areas since 2000.

All agencies must attend an Agency Training Session in order to review the protocol the program requires and to register as a TIP-affiliated agency. If you would like to attend a training session to register as an agency, please contact TIP at to discuss scheduling. Once you have attended an Agency Training Session, you will have access to the password-protected database of volunteer interpreters/translators.

Please note that TIP is currently in the process of updating the database. If you are a TIP-affiliated agency, please contact regarding interpretation/translation requests.

Consider making a donation to the TIP program so that we can continue to provide free services to those in the Ithaca area!