Community Partners

There are a variety of programs sponsored by the Public Service Center that may be of particular interest to you, your agency or your school.

Explore the ways we collaborate with community partners.

The Cornell Civic Leaders Fellowship Program invites two community leaders involved in economic and community development efforts to join the Cornell community as both learners and teachers for an academic year.

The Community Work-Study Program is sponsored by Cornell University to enable students with Federal Work-Study to work for non-profit and governmental agencies in the Ithaca and Tompkins County at a minimal cost to the agency.  

PreK-12 Outreach consists of vital programs that impact the intellectual and social well-being of children and youth in the Greater Ithaca area. Please contact programs or the PSC PreK-12 Program Coordinator at if you have questions on how Cornell students can support schools and youth. Also, area educators should know about the World Lending Library at the Einaudi Center that contains resources, books, and kits for your classrooms.

The Community Partners Volunteer Program assists students in finding a placement in the community and to meet the volunteer needs of the local community for both ongoing and one time needs.

Pre-Orientation Service Trips provides the opportunity for incoming freshman and transfers to build new friendships and college networks through participating in community service projects and fun evening activities. 

Into the Streets promotes a lifetime commitment to service amongst the members of the Cornell community. ITS strives to mobilize students to affect social change starting by starting in their local Ithaca community.

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Have you heard about TIP?

Our Translator Interpreter Program (TIP) provides free access to an online database of volunteer interpreter/translators to assist the Ithaca and Tompkins County communities' language needs.