2019 JFK Memorial Award Winner

2019 JFK Award Winner, Nicole AgaronnikCongratulations to Nicole Agaronnik, the recipient of the 2019 Class of 1964 John F. Kennedy Memorial Award!

In selecting Nicole, the JFK review committee cited her skill at turning her own challenge into an opportunity, her stunning eraly leadership in a field largely of her own making, and the discipline she has shown in sustaining her academic standing while publishing in peer-reviewed journals, choreographing, dancing, teaching and conducting research. One of Nicole's referees spoke to her empathy with and advocacy for persons with disability who confront "persistent social and environmental barriers to securing their basic human rights." The referee spoke to the heightened empowerment experienced by Nicole's students and concluded that "Nicole Agaronnik has demonstrated a multi-level, creative and passionate commitement to advancing the civil and human rights of persons with disability, supporting their full participation in community life."

About the Award

The Kennedy Award seeks to foster leadership among promising seniors by helping them to pursue graduate work or to immediately embark on a public service career at the national, state or local level. To learn more watch the John F. Kennedy Memorial Award video found on the Cornell University Class of 1964 website and read the bios of recent winners.