Based on criteria established by the New York State Department of Education, a student qualifies for STEP if they

• are interested in pursuing a science, technology, engineering, math, (STEM) or licensed profession in college (for a list of NYS licensed professions see list at end of application)

• identify as a member of a historically underrepresented group in the STEM/NY licensed professions (Black or African American, Hispanic or Latino/a/x, or American Indian/Native Alaskan) AND/OR qualifies as economically disadvantaged as defined by New York State guidelines (see Family and Financial Information section of application). 

Note: If your child currently qualifies for Free/Reduced price lunch, they are eligible for STEP.


The STEP application for the 2018-2019 school year is available below. 

2018-2019 STEP Application

Please call our office at (607) 255-1309, email, meet with Ray during his school visists, or speak to a school guidance counselor to request an application.

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