About Us


The mission of the Public Service Center is to champion the conviction that the Cornell University experience confirms service as essential to active citizenship. To fulfill this mission, the PSC has chosen service-learning as the educational philosophy to guide its programs. A service-learning approach enhances and reinforces academic learning with practical experiences, strengthens civic values and moral character, and responds to community needs. Service-learning fosters service to others, community development and empowerment, and reciprocal learning through participants' social and educational interactions.

PSC volunteer projects, student organizations, school programs, and related service-learning courses work throughout the year to form community partnerships that exemplify the service-learning philosophy.

Professors and community partners who have collaborated on a service-learning course present papers on their projects at the annual faculty symposium; some attendees are from other local colleges. 

The PSC works with various Cornell Clubs across the U.S. to organize service events, including student-alumni service events in Boston, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

Several students affiliated with the Public Service Center have won awards in recognition of their community service.

If you have any questions about joining a PSC group or are a community member who is looking for student volunteers, please contact us at cupsc@cornell.edu.


  • To support thoughtful action on issues of social justice which will improve the human condition and quality of life.
  • To seek to create opportunities for learning and personal growth the incorporate reflection and promote lifelong learning.
  • To strive for reciprocity in all our collaborative efforts
  • To value equity and diversity in all our activities and interactions.
  • To commit to responsive communication and to resolving conflict respectfully.
  • To encourage innovation and informed risk-taking that culminate in creative and socially responsible programs.
  • To foster an environment that incorporates enjoyment and celebration of accomplishments.