Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Award

About the Award

The Maribel Garcia Community Spirit Award for Remarkable Contributions to the Spirit of Humanity will be given each year to a Cornell student who has made a remarkably insightful, selfless, and/or creative contribution to their community and thus, to the community of human beings at-large.

Maribel Garcia ’95 generously shared her glowing presence and creativity with the Cornell and Ithaca community. Maribel dedicated herself to public service in Ithaca, in addition to taking on a challenging academic workload and writing beautiful stories that are insightful about humanity. It is our hope that this award inspires a legacy of students who creatively serve their community.

Watch the Video about the Maribel Garcia Award's past recipients.  The video was created as a tribute for the class of 1995's 20th reunion by the co-founders of the award and fellow members of the class of 1995.

The application form is available online through org sync. You will be prompted to make an account if you have not done so already. Your application is due no later than APRIL 14, 2017. If you have any questions please contact the PSC at

The award will be bestowed at the PSC's year-end awards event. Date to be announced.  

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Past Awardees

  • Lena Ransohoff, 2017- President of Cornell's Sober House, which is a safe space for Cornellians to support each other in recovering from substance abuse
  • Shiwani Bisht, 2016 - Organized "More Than a Survivor: More than a Story" to increase awarness of sexual solicitation 
  • Owen Lee-Park, 2015 - Revived and expanded Writer's Bloc magazine to publish the creative work of inmates at Auburn Prison
  • Martin Jose Zorrilla, 2014 - Created The Intag Project with Cornellians and residents in Ecuador to work towards sustainable globalization
  • Joanna Smith, 2013 - Founded The Parent Project, empowering parents to educate themselves and beat the cycle of poverty
  • Kaitlin Hardy, 2012 - Expanded education and awareness about epilepsy through publication of a children's book
  • Dean Oliver, 2011 - President of Men of Color Council, striving to raise college graduation rates and strengthen critical life skills
  • Sara Furguson, 2010 - Created Disabilities Service Team, matching able Cornellians to fellow students living with disabilities
  • Joran Sequeira, 2009 - Vibrant member of the Cornell Elderly Partnership, winner of Greatest Generation Grant
  • Jessica Houle, 2008 - Empowered youth in local trailer parks through the OURS and YOURS community programs
  • Ding Kong, 2007 - Created cooking classes for low-income kids in Ithaca to learn about nutrition and pass it on to their families